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    Background to some of the traditional handcraft


    The Zulu nation is the largest ethnic group in South Africa and came into being in the early 19th century, when Shaka Zulu brought the more than 360 clans together, to form a single powerful kingdom. (Zulu: ‘heaven’ amaZulu: ‘children of heaven”).

    The people of Zulu ethnic identity cherish their historic leader Shaka and the Zulu heritage is one of proud warrior status and attention to exquisite detail.

    Living in what is today known as KwaZulu-Natal, (a province of South Africa), Zulu’s are largely rural people, though thousands have become businessmen and women or have entered other professions throughout urban South Africa. The culture and traditions of the Zulu people are immensely strong, deeply respected and remain little affected by western influence. The most sophisticated and highly educated Zulu person is still as aware of his/her Zulu cultural heritage as the rural pastoralist.