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    Our African Home philosophy is creative empowerment…

    • We provide work for members of disadvantaged communities who struggle to eke out an existence on a daily basis.
    • We design, create and market new products which challenge our crafters’ technical skills while cultivating their creative thinking

    • We are committed to ensuring that our artisans are paid a fee that they regard as fair and equitable in terms of their effort and resources
    • We are dedicated to developing and increasing our crafter base (capacity building) which provides financial support for our crafters.
    • We nurture our relationships with craftspeople – establishing a platform for sound business principles whilst always maintaining the human focus
    • Our partnerships are created through joint decision-making and conceptualization
    • We are 100% B-BBEE rated

    Our Environmental Endeavors…

    • We maintain and practice a strong commitment to ecological awareness
    • We try to ensure that all materials in our products are sustainable natural resources found in South Africa.
    • Many natural and local products are used such as reeds, clay, wire, and recycled materials.

    Craft Collection

    • O4-300x192ur extensive craft range is the result of the rich tapestry of crafts people working with a diverse, almost endless array of natural materials – beads, wire, wood carvings, African textiles, clay and glass are the most prominent
    • The beauty of the traditional handicraft translates into contemporary design home ware and accessories.

    Southern African indigenous aesthetics are represented in our leading ranges – Zulu beadwork and basketry , Xhosa embroidery and Ndebele designs.